Perinatal reference intervals for plasma homocysteine and factors influencing its concentration technical briefs
Química general
Quantitative analysis of ornithine decarboxylase mrna by reverse transcription pcr with the lightcycler system technical briefs
Pharmaceutical formulation
Physical chemistry essentials
Physics at the biomolecular interface
Quantitative spectroscopy
Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids ii
Physical chemistry of gas liquid interfaces
Observations geologiques sur les iles volcaniques
Phase diagrams and thermodynamic modeling of solutions
Perovskite solar cells principle materials and devices
Photochemistry history and commercial applications of hexaarylbiimidazoles
Química combinatoria
Quantum tunneling in complex systems
Physical multiscale modeling and numerical simulation of electrochemical devices for energy conversion and storage
Periodic mesoporous organosilicas
Pharmaceutical quality by design
Pharmacology and applications of naturally occurring iridoids
Physicochemical behavior and supramolecular organization of polymers
Photo catalytic control technologies of flue gas pollutants
Theoretical atomic physics
Photosynthesis and bioenergetics
Phosphorus chemistry ii
Química básica
Toxic legacy
Thermochemical processing of biomass
Quantum systems in chemistry and physics
Total synthesis of bioactive natural products enhanced edition
Quantitative in silico chromatography
Physical fundamentals of nanomaterials
Aerogels handbook
Quantum computational chemistry
Quantum theory of magnetism
Thin liquid films
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Therapeutic delivery solutions
Pharmaceuticals in the environment
Pharmaceutical analysis for small molecules
The tortuous road to the adoption of katal for the expression of catalytic activity by the general conference on weights and measures history conference news
Thyroglobulin irma pasteur immunoassay sensitivity of the assay and interference from thyroglobulin autoantibodies letters letter to the editor
Theranostics and image guided drug delivery
Physicochemical properties of ionic liquid mixtures
Physics and chemistry of carbon based materials
Toxins and contaminants in indian food products
Toward broader inclusion of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory editorials
Physical changes
Quantitative heteroduplex analysis editorial
Tools and weapons
Technologies and applications for smart charging of electric and plug in hybrid vehicles
Peptidomimetics i
Third world diseases
Titration calorimetry
Theory and experiment in electrocatalysis
Thermische verfahrenstechnik
Toxicants in terrestrial ecosystems
Química orgânica
Thermal processing of packaged foods
The toxic sandbox
Thermotropic liquid crystals
Physical properties of foods
Testing molecular wires
Top drugs
Toxicological risk assessment for beginners
Trace metals in aquatic systems
Quantum information and computation for chemistry
Toxikologie für naturwissenschaftler
Theory and practice of metal electrodeposition
Therapeutic drug monitoring principles in the neonate nacb symposium
Trace determination of pesticides and their degradation products in water book reprint
Teoria delle particelle dalla fisica alla medicina
Theoretical biochemistry
The thermodynamics of phase and reaction equilibria
To t or not to t that is the question editorial
Theoretical modeling of vibrational spectra in the liquid phase
Thermodynamik der kälteanlagen und wärmepumpen
Toxicants in food packaging and household plastics
Theory of electrophoresis and diffusiophoresis of highly charged colloidal particles
Therapies for retinal degeneration
Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
Thermal system optimization
Thermodynamics solubility and environmental issues
Topological polymer chemistry
Topics in the theory of chemical and physical systems
Thermodynamics of crystalline states
Time resolved mass spectrometry
Quantum mechanics in chemistry
To measure apo b or not to measure apo b a critique of modern medical decision making counterpoint
Topics in theoretical and computational nanoscience
Thyroglobulin tg recovery testing with quantitative tg antibody measurement for determining interference in serum tg assays in differentiated thyroid carcinoma technical briefs clinical report
Phosphors up conversion nano particles quantum dots and their applications
Toxicology and epigenetics
Towards mesoscience
Threats to food and water chain infrastructure
Toxic safety
Towards estimating entrainment fraction for dust layers
Test research versus diagnostic research opinion
Trace analysis of specialty and electronic gases
Textbook of inorganic chemistry
Targeted delivery of pesticides using biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles
Thermal field flow fractionation of polymers
Thermodynamics and fluctuations far from equilibrium
Theory of sum frequency generation spectroscopy
Thermoanalytical methods applied to medicine report
Total synthesis of ± maoecrystal v
Thermal analysis of micro nano and non crystalline materials
Tecnologias no ensino de química teoria e prática na formação docente
Thermal analysis of polymeric materials
Toxicology in current science
Telomerase detection in body fluids
The ten most beautiful experiments
Textiles and clothing sustainability
Thermodynamics for chemists physicists and engineers
Thiols as a measure of plasma redox status in healthy subj ects and in patients with renal or liver failure technical briefs clinical report
Total synthesis of bioactive natural products by palladium catalyzed domino cyclization of allenes and related compounds
Topological modelling of nanostructures and extended systems
Total synthesis of natural products
Theory of charge transport in carbon electronic materials
Tracer technology
Thermodynamik grundlagen und technische anwendungen
Thermal separation technology
Theory and applications of computational chemistry
Techniques in protein chemistry
Traceability in chemical measurement
Theoretical chemical engineering
Thermodynamic inversion
Science of heat and thermophysical studies
Thin film coatings for biomaterials and biomedical applications
Testing novel water oxidation catalysts for solar fuels production
Thermophysical properties of chemicals and hydrocarbons enhanced edition
Three dimensional integration of semiconductors
Terahertz spectroscopy
Theoretical modeling of inorganic nanostructures
Theory and practice of water and wastewater treatment
Three ways to view the world
Total reflection x ray fluorescence analysis and related methods
The total laboratory solution a new laboratory e business model based on a vertical laboratory meta network beckman conference
The toxicology of methanol
Tecnología y margen de refino del petróleo
Thyroxine thyrotropin and age in a euthyroid hospital patient population laboratory management
Total synthesis of plakortide e and biomimetic synthesis of plakortone b
Towards autonomous soft matter systems
Thermal properties of solids at room and cryogenic temperatures
Thermal barrier coatings
Physical chemistry of semiconductor materials and processes
Totalsynthese des marinen makrolids palmerolid a
The thermodynamic machinery of life
Bioactive marine natural products
Tip enhancement
Tellurium in organic synthesis
Thermodynamics of non equilibrium processes for chemists with a particular application to catalysis
Towards green lubrication in machining
Tossicologia generale e applicata ai farmaci
Thermodiffusion in multicomponent mixtures
Thermal transport for applications in micro nanomachining
Thermochemical surface engineering of steels
There s nothing to winning really editorial
Time symmetry breaking in turbulent multi particle dispersion
Total synthesis of natural products with antimicrobial activity
Text and explanations infrared and raman spectral atlas of inorganic compounds and organic salts volume 1
Tourmaline gemstones a collection of historical articles on the origins structure and properties of tourmaline
Technological challenges in antibiotic discovery and development
Industrial catalytic processes for fine and specialty chemicals enhanced edition
Thermodynamics of fluids under flow
Therapy of viral infections
Theory of simple liquids
Tof ms within food and environmental analysis
Theory choice in the history of chemical practices
Third generation egfr inhibitors
Theory and applications of the empirical valence bond approach
Textbook of organic chemistry
Thermodynamik für das bachelorstudium
Industrial applications of renewable biomass products
Time dependent density functional theory
Toxicology and risk assessment
Total synthesis of thielocin b1 as a protein protein interaction inhibitor of pac3 homodimer
Pet chemistry
Integrative plant biochemistry
Theoretical foundations of molecular magnetism
Science of synthesis stereoselective synthesis vol 3
Intergrating green chemistry and sustainable engineering
Interassay and interobserver variability in the detection of anti neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in patients with ulcerative colitis technical briefs
Thermal decomposition of solids and melts
Interaction of the 308g a promoter polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor alpha gene with single nucleotide polymorphism 45 of the adiponectin gene effect on serum adiponectin concentrations in a spanish population endocrinology and metabolism survey
In situ verfahren zur boden und grundwassersanierung
Interfacial phenomena in electrocatalysis
Interface controlled organic thin films
Transfusion medicine for pathologists
Inorganic polymeric and composite membranes
Think blank
Towards dual and targeted cancer therapy with novel phthalocyanine based photosensitizers
Thermodynamics of solutions
Thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of the reference ionic liquid 1 hexyl 3 methylimidazolium bis trifluoromethyl sulfonyl amide including mixtures part 1 experimental methods and results iupac technical report report
Toxicants in aqueous ecosystems
Thermodynamik grundlagen und technische anwendungen
Thermal physics and thermal analysis
Temperatura energia entropia
Three dimensional free radical polymerization
Inorganic chemistry for dummies
Terminology for biorelated polymers and applications iupac recommendations 2012 report
Inorganic nanosheets and nanosheet based materials
Organometallic pincer chemistry
Theoretical aspects of chemical reactivity
The thermodynamics of linear fluids and fluid mixtures
Theoretical and experimental sonochemistry involving inorganic systems
Toute la physique ou presque ?? en 15 équations
Immunoassays in agricultural biotechnology
Biological effects of electric and magnetic fields
Thermodynamic properties of cryogenic fluids
Indium catalyzed conia ene reaction for alkaloid synthesis report
Innovative drug synthesis
Thermische trennverfahren
Innovative polymeric adsorbents
Instrumentelle lackanalytik
Therapeutic perspectives in type 1 diabetes
In silico engineering of disulphide bonds to produce stable cellulase
International benchmarking of u s chemical engineering research competitiveness
Infrared and raman spectroscopy principles and spectral interpretation
Technologie der werkstoffe
Immunoassay standardization is it possible who is responsible who is capable opinion clinical report
Injection molding
Introduction to computational chemistry
Thermal properties of green polymers and biocomposites
Topological microfluidics
Inhaled pharmaceutical product development perspectives
Theoretical and computational aspects of magnetic organic molecules
Incorporation of heterocycles into combinatorial chemistry
Inorganic metal oxide nanocrystal photocatalysts for solar fuel generation from water
Therapeutic drug monitoring in special populations tdm conference
Inorganic and organometallic macromolecules
Inorganic hydrazine derivatives
Introduction to drug disposition and pharmacokinetics
Introduction to heterocyclic chemistry
Industrial biofouling
Interfacial electrochemistry
Interlaboratory variation of plasma total homocysteine measurements results of three successive homocysteine proficiency testing surveys general clinical chemistry
Introduction and summary 1996 nacb standard of laboratory practice nacb symposium
In vitro contamination of hair by marijuana smoke drug monitoring and toxicology
Organic reaction mechanisms 2011
Insulin immunoassays fast approaching 50 years of existence and still calling for standardization editorial
Organic chemistry i essentials
Organoselenium compounds in biology and medicine
Impact of ck mb testing policies on hospital length of stay and laboratory costs for patients with myocardial infarction or chest pain test utilization and outcomes
Thermal treatments of canned foods
Inorganic chemistry in tables
International steam tables properties of water and steam based on the industrial formulation iapws if97
Independent risk factor for moderate to severe internal carotid artery stenosis t786c mutation of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene molecular diagnostics and genetics
Interface science in drinking water treatment
Instrumentelle analytik und bioanalytik
Influence of cytochrome p450 2c9 2 and 2c9 3 variants on the risk of ischemic stroke a cross sectional case control study technical briefs
Introduction to crystallography
Graphene oxide
Introduction to corrosion science
In situ combined electrochemical techniques for conducting polymers
Introduction to biological and small molecule drug research and development
The toll like receptor 4 asp299g1y and thr399ile polymorphisms influence the late inflammatory response in human endotoxemia technical briefs
Inorganic two dimensional nanomaterials
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Inkjet technology for digital fabrication
Indole ring synthesis
Intelligent coatings for corrosion control
Industrial enzymes
Increased ability of ldl from normolipidemic type 2 diabetic women to generate peroxides lipids and lipoproteins
Inorganic controlled release technology
Integrated solar fuel generators
Inclusion polymers
Infrared and raman spectroscopy
Intermediate organic chemistry
Improvement of low density microelectronic array technology to characterize 14 mutations single nucleotide polymorphisms from several human genes on a large scale technical briefs
Intrinsically disordered proteins
Introduction to astrochemistry
In situ molecular pathology and co expression analyses
Interfacial processes and molecular aggregation of surfactants
Insights into the chemistry of organic structure directing agents in the synthesis of zeolitic materials
Part i from the current kilogram problem to a proposed definition the kilogram in the new si
Introduction to coordination chemistry
Immunochemistry of lysosomal storage disorders clinical report
Ignitability and explosibility of gases and vapors
Infrared and raman spectral atlas of inorganic compounds and organic salts
Informed consent in clinical trials of in vitro diagnostic devices perspectives from the fda and manufacturers a perspective from the food and drug administration current issues in laboratory medicine clinical report
Increased biodiesel efficiency
Thermoelectricity and heat transport in graphene and other 2d nanomaterials
Impedance spectroscopy
Introduction to chemical kinetics
In situ transmission electron microscopy studies of carbon nanotube nucleation mechanism and carbon nanotube clamped metal atomic chains
Industrial surfactants
Intermolecular and surface forces
Inorganic reactions in water
They use enzymes for everything aacc 50th anniversary retrospective
Interplay between metal ions and nucleic acids
Innovations in defence support systems ?? 1
Inorganic membranes
Industrial process identification
Impact of the third cholesterol report from the adult treatment panel of the national cholesterol education program on the clinical laboratory special report
Introduction to glass science and technology
Introduction to dynamic spin chemistry
Industrialization of biology
Inorganic membranes for energy and environmental applications
Immittance spectroscopy
Introducing mineralogy
Increased serum lipase with associated normoamylasemia in cancer patients technical briefs
Interpretation of the ultraviolet spectra of natural products
Integrative human biochemistry
Infectious diseases and nanomedicine i
Introduction to applied optimization
Introduction to computational mass transfer
Introduction to complex plasmas
Implications of the revised criteria for diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus editorial
Infectious diseases and nanomedicine iii
In situ thermoelectrochemistry
Inadequate attempts to measure the microheterogeneity of transthyretin by low resolution mass spectrometry letters letter to the editor
Inositol phospholipid metabolism and phosphatidyl inositol kinases
Information technology in the service economy
Integrated reaction and separation operations
Increased concentrations of prostate specific antigen in maternal serum from pregnancies affected by fetal down syndrome enzymes and protein markers
Instant controlled pressure drop d i c in food processing
Innovations in green chemistry and green engineering
Introduction to chem 1331
Ieia h scada bio energy field professional study guide for examination
Inflammatory markers and cardiovascular risk in healthy polish women across the menopausal transition technical briefs
Introduction to applied colloid and surface chemistry
Indole alkaloids
Improved diagnostic classification of alcohol abusers by combining carbohydrate deficient transferrin and gamma glutamyltransferase enzymes and protein markers clinical report
Rohrleitungen 1
Increased plasma concentration of matrix metalloproteinase 7 in patients with coronary artery disease lipids lipoproteins and cardiovascular risk factors
Interference of luteinizing hormone beta core fragment in urinary gonadotropin assays letters letter to the editor
Impact of alpha enac polymorphisms on the risk of ischemic cerebrovascular events a multicenter case control study molecular diagnostics and genetics
Inorganic syntheses
Rapid production of micro and nano particles using supercritical water
Interlaboratory comparison of fetal male dna detection from common maternal plasma samples by real time pcr molecular diagnostics and genetics
Ruthenium oxidation complexes
In situ spectroscopic studies of adsorption at the electrode and electrocatalysis
Reviews in fluorescence 2008
Infectious diseases and nanomedicine ii
Reaction pathways and mechanisms in thermocatalytic biomass conversion ii
Introduction to cosmetic formulation and technology
Input output models for sustainable industrial systems
Infrared spectroscopy
Industrial organic chemicals
Industrial applications of batteries
Illicit drugs in the environment
Inorganic binders
Intensification of biobased processes
Identifizierung eines indikators
Industrial process identification and control design
Immunosensing for detection of protein biomarkers
Refractories for aluminum
Industrial catalysis
Titangruppe elemente der vierten nebengruppe
Rare earth based corrosion inhibitors
Interface science and composites
Rapid genotyping for tumor necrosis factor alpha tnf alpha 863c a promoter polymorphism that determines tnf alpha response technical briefs
Imidazole and benzimidazole synthesis
International resources guide to hazardous chemicals
Real time quantification of human telomerase reverse transcriptase mrna in tumors and healthy tissues molecular diagnostics and genetics
Reverse osmosis
Inbetriebnahme verfahrenstechnischer anlagen
Regulation of carcinogenesis angiogenesis and metastasis by the proprotein convertases pc s
Reaction pathways and mechanisms in thermocatalytic biomass conversion i
Review and evaluation of alternative technologies for demilitarization of assembled chemical weapons
Instrumental thin layer chromatography
In hyperprolactinemia testing for macroprolactin is essential editorial
Reviews in fluorescence 2009
Reviews in fluorescence 2016
Revista de ciência elementar
Intracellular delivery ii
Report of the national heart lung and blood institute workshop on lipoprotein a and cardiovascular disease recent advances and future directions special report clinical report
Redox systems under nano space control
Rhodium catalysis
Relationship between genetic polymorphisms of alcohol metabolizing enzymes and changes in risk factors for coronary heart disease associated with alcohol consumption lipids lipoproteins and cardiovascular risk factors
Robust and fault tolerant control
Information and communications
Relativistic methods for chemists
Risposte dal mondo della scienza astronomia
Renewable synthetic fuels and chemicals from carbon dioxide
Retail food safety
Recent developments and applications of modern density functional theory
Research and practice in chemistry education
Robust control design with matlab®
Rotational structure in molecular infrared spectra
Interrelations between essential metal ions and human diseases
Recent developments in the evaluation of glomerular filtration rate is there a place for beta trace editorials
In situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts
Industrial minerals and their uses
Reducing drug attrition
Introduction to chemical engineering
Römpp encyclopedia natural products 1st edition 2000
Reactivity of metals
Influence of sampling time error on cyclosporine measurements nominally at 2 hours after administration technical briefs
Reporting bias in diagnostic and prognostic studies time for action editorial
Resolving erroneous reports in toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring
Renewable biofuels
Risk assessment and environmental management
Relay tuning of pid controllers
Rheology essentials of cosmetic and food emulsions
Red beet biotechnology
Refractories for aluminium
Recent advances in the theory of chemical and physical systems
Recycling of lithium ion batteries
Reports of trials for murder by poisoning by prussic acid strychnia antimony arsenic and aconita
Rules of thumb for chemical engineers
Infrared and raman spectral atlas of inorganic compounds and organic salts volume 3
Reference change value for alpha fetoprotein and its application in early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with hepatic disease technical briefs
Renewable hydrogen technologies
Recent advances in hydride chemistry enhanced edition
Resolving strong field dynamics in cation states of co 2 via optimised molecular alignment
Rheology of emulsions
Inorganic chemistry for geochemistry and environmental sciences
Reaction toolbox
Room temperature organic synthesis enhanced edition
Rechnen in der chemie
Inhaled particles
Industrial polymer applications
Rohrleitungen 2
Risk stratification in acute coronary syndrome using cardiac troponin i editorial
Reviews in fluorescence 2005
Risk analysis and governance in eu policy making and regulation
Rechargeable batteries
Rheology of biological soft matter
Recent advances in chemical engineering
Reactive transport modeling
Utility of commonly used commercial human chorionic gonadotropin immunoassays in the diagnosis and management of trophoblastic diseases endocrinology and metabolism clinical report
Interfacial nanochemistry
Introduction to cake filtration
Introduction to graphene
Reviews in computational chemistry
Recent progress in coupled cluster methods
Reproducibility in biomedical research
Renewable energy
Revista de ciência elementar
Resilience of cities to terrorist and other threats
Rapid cost effective gene mutation screening for carnitine palmitoyltransferase ii deficiency using whole blood on filter paper
Roc analysis comparison of three assays for the detection of antibodies against double stranded dna in serum for the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus technical briefs
Recent advances in laser processing of materials
Rhodium catalyzed enantioselective intermolecular hydroacylation reactions report
Ruthenium in catalysis
Reactive inkjet printing
Reactive intermediates in organic chemistry
Revista de ciência elementar
Rubber nano blends
Research teams and partnerships
Recovery of gold from secondary sources the
Reviews in fluorescence 2007
Recent progress in mesostructured materials
Recent applications of imines as key intermediates in the synthesis of alkaloids and novel nitrogen heterocycles report
Redox biocatalysis
Remnant like particle cholesterol concentrations in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and end stage renal disease lipids lipoproteins and cardiovascular risk factors
Remnant lipoproteins measurement and clinical significance editorial
Reiseführer physikalische chemie
Theory of three electrone bond in the four works with brief comments
Reducing the time from basic research to innovation in the chemical sciences
Reaction kinetics
Report of the third conference on education in clinical chemistry meeting report conference notes
Immediate availability of c reactive protein and leukocyte count data influenced physicians decisions to prescribe antimicrobial drugs for new outpatients with acute infections technical briefs
Risposte dal mondo della scienza terra
Review of the scientific approaches used during the fbi s investigation of the 2001 anthrax letters
Research project success
Rotating electrode methods and oxygen reduction electrocatalysts enhanced edition
Recent advances in sensing technology
Recent advances in adsorption processes for environmental protection and security
Rna therapeutics
Römpp lexikon chemie 10 auflage 1996 1999
Risk assessment
Reactor and process design in sustainable energy technology
Recent advances in thermochemical conversion of biomass
Reaction mechanisms in carbon dioxide conversion
Reaction rate theory and rare events
Reviews in computational chemistry volume 31
Reviews in plasmonics 2010
Reconstructing wonder
Reforming laboratory reimbursement issues impact and innovations a summary of the clinical chemistry forum held on november 15 2001 meeting report
Recoveries of phenylalanine from two sets of dried blood spot reference materials prediction from hematocrit spot volume and paper matrix technical briefs
Review of secondary waste disposal planning for the blue grass and pueblo chemical agent destruction pilot plants
Receding horizon control
Reaction engineering for pollution prevention
Reviews in fluorescence 2010
Resinas alquídicas
Rates and equilibria of organic reactions
Retrometabolic drug design and targeting
Recent trends in fuel cell science and technology
Revista de ciência elementar
Rubber based bionanocomposites
Riesgos químicos 2da edición
Real time iterative learning control
Innovations in chemical biology
Increased concentrations of cardiac troponin i are equivalent to increased cardiac troponin t in identifying chest pain patients at short term risk of myocardial infarction letters
Interim design assessment for the blue grass chemical agent destruction pilot plant
Rheology for chemists
Recent advances in qsar studies
Recent advances in the scientific research on ancient glass and glaze
Rethinking platinum anticancer drug design towards targeted and immuno chemotherapeutic approaches
Effects of preanalytical factors on the molecular size of cell free dna in blood technical briefs
Reproducibility in protein profiling by maldi tof mass spectrometry proteomics and protein markers
Renewable resources for functional polymers and biomaterials
Reporting of cardiac troponin concentrations letters letter to the editor
Rheology modifiers handbook enhanced edition
Reviews in fluorescence 2015
Electromagnetic aquametry
Reviews in fluorescence 2006
Recent development in clusters of rare earths and actinides chemistry and materials
Electrochemistry of insertion materials for hydrogen and lithium
Robust numerical methods for singularly perturbed differential equations
Emerging nanotechnologies in dentistry
Einführung in die kinetik
Einführung in die chemie nachwachsender rohstoffe
Raman and sers investigations of pharmaceuticals
Electronic structure of quantum confined atoms and molecules
Response to increased creatine kinase mb and cardiac troponin t with normal cardiac troponin i in metastatic alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma letters letter to the editor
Electron dynamics in molecular interactions principles and applications
Effects of persistent and bioactive organic pollutants on human health
Electricity based fuels
Electron density and chemical bonding ii
Regio stereo and enantioselective reactions of carbon acids catalyzed by recoverable organic catalysts bearing ionic liquid moieties report
Electrochemistry for materials science
Electronic absorption spectra and geometry of organic molecules
Effect of testosterone administration on serum and urine kallikrein concentrations in female to male transsexuals endocrinology and metabolism
Interference with testing for lysergic acid diethylamide drug monitoring and toxicology
Effects of 4 weeks of atorvastatin administration on the antiinflammatory cytokine interleukin 10 in patients with unstable angina technical briefs
Regulation of serum paraoxonase activity by genetic nutritional and lifestyle factors in the general population lipids lipoproteins and cardiovascular risk factors
Rheology enhanced edition
Elementary chemical thermodynamics
Riechstoffe zwischen gestank und duft
Electron spin interactions in chemistry and biology
Elemental haiku
Emerging energetic materials synthesis physicochemical and detonation properties
Regulated bioanalytical laboratories
Reaction kinetics and the development of catalytic processes
Elaboration and applications of metal organic frameworks
Electron density and chemical bonding i
Reproducibility of the roche amplicor polymerase chain reaction assay for detection of infection by chlamydia trachomatis in endocervical specimens technical briefs
Electromigration techniques
Electrochemistry at the nanoscale
Risposte dal mondo della scienza fisica
Electrochemical production of metal powders
Elementary processes in organic photovoltaics
Electronic structure and properties of transition metal compounds
Reference values for retinol tocopherol and main carotenoids in serum of control and insulin dependent diabetic spanish subjects general clinical chemistry
Reactivity of p h group of phosphorus based compounds
Reducing the threat of improvised explosive device attacks by restricting access to explosive precursor chemicals
Electric and hybrid vehicles
Electronic structure and magnetism of 3d transition metal pnictides
Electron microscopy of polymers
Edible nanostructures
Edgerton high school chemistry unit 1 chemistry and measurement
Effects of tourniquet technique order of draw and sample storage on plasma fibrinogen technical briefs
Effects of concentration and temperature on the stability of nevirapine in whole blood and serum technical briefs
Elements of environmental chemistry
Einstein ??s fridge
Effect of riboflavin status on the homocysteine lowering effect of folate in relation to the mthfr c677t genotype nutrition
Electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials
Electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers
Rarefied gas dynamics
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in pem fuel cells
Reproducibility of blood markers of oxidative status and endothelial function in healthy individuals technical briefs
Electrorheological fluids
Electrochemical aspects of ionic liquids
Electrochemistry in ionic liquids
Elektrische kontakte werkstoffe und anwendungen
Elements of polymer science engineering
Ecotoxicology of antifouling biocides
Empirical modeling and data analysis for engineers and applied scientists
Efficiency in natural product total synthesis
Elsevier s dictionary of chemoetymology
Renewable and sustainable materials in green technology
Reagents for radical and radical ion chemistry
Emulsion science
Electrocatalysis in fuel cells
Robust observer based fault diagnosis for nonlinear systems using matlab®
Electronic excitations in organic based nanostructures
Electrochemistry of nucleic acids and proteins
Elementary molecular quantum mechanics
Electrochemistry for the environment
Electrochemistry lecture notes
Effect of ascorbic acid administration on serum concentration of transferrin receptors technical briefs
Electrochemical nanotechnologies
Electronic structure
Electrochemistry for corrosion fundamentals
Electrospun nanofibers for energy and environmental applications
Effects of nanocon ??nement on catalysis
Effect of two common polymorphisms in the atp binding cassette transporter a1 gene on hdl cholesterol concentration technical briefs
Electrochemistry for biomedical researchers
Elementary quantum chemistry second edition
Electrochemical analysis of proteins and cells
Einstein y la relatividad
Electrospray mass spectrometry for measurement of glycohemoglobin editorial clinical report
Efficient preparations of fluorine compounds
Electronic structure calculations on graphics processing units
Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants
Emerging technologies in protein and genomic material analysis
Einführung in das werk heinrich heines
Electrocorrosion and protection of metals
Elements of statistical thermodynamics
Effect of milk fat globule size on the physical functionality of dairy products
Edible oil processing from a patent perspective
Electronic effects in organic chemistry
Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants
Einführung in die heterogene katalyse
Electronic irradiation of foods
Electronic waste
Electrotechnologies for extraction from food plants and biomaterials
Electrical fluctuations in polyelectrolytes
Edible oil structuring
Electro chemo mechanics of solids
Electromagnetic shielding and corrosion protection for aerospace vehicles
Effects of implantable cardioverter defibrillator implantation and shock application on biochemical markers of myocardial damage heart health and clinical laboratory
Electroanalytical methods
Electrostatic precipitation
Electron flow in organic chemistry
Edible oleogels
Electrochemical and electrocatalytic reactions of carbon dioxide
Effective chemistry communication in informal environments
Electro fenton process
Elements of synthesis planning
Electrospinning for high performance sensors
Electrostatic and stereoelectronic effects in carbohydrate chemistry
Efficient and green synthesis of new polycyclic procyanidin derivatives via tandem dinucleophilic addition of indolin 2 thiones to flavylium salts report
Einstieg in die physikalische chemie für nebenfächler
Electrochemical science and technology
Electronic structure and number theory
Electro catalysis at chemically modified solid surfaces
Electrochemical micromachining for nanofabrication mems and nanotechnology
Edible medicinal and non medicinal plants
Electrochemistry and corrosion science
Effect of disease complications on hospital costs laboratory management
Electrodeposition and surface finishing
Electric vehicle batteries moving from research towards innovation
Electrochemical sensing carcinogens in beverages
Electroanalysis in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences
Electronic atomic and molecular calculations
Effects of repeated freeze thaw cycles on concentrations of cholesterol micronutrients and hormones in human plasma and serum
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and its applications
Elements of chemistry in a new system containing all the modern discoveries
Electrons atoms and molecules in inorganic chemistry enhanced edition
Electron scattering
Einführung in die technische chemie
Electronic properties of organic conductors
Electrochemical methods in archaeometry conservation and restoration
Eisler s encyclopedia of environmentally hazardous priority chemicals
Zwischen faszination und verteufelung chemie in der gesellschaft
Electronic and magnetic properties of chiral molecules and supramolecular architectures
Emerging trends in chemical sciences
Ecotoxicology and genotoxicology
Electro chemo mechanics of anodic porous alumina nano honeycombs self ordered growth and actuation
Mark hackbarth
Eine methodik zur entwicklung und herstellung von radiumtargets
Edible films and coatings for food applications
Heterocycle synthesis via radical reactions report
Zukunftsmaschinen in der chemie
Effect of urgent clinician notification of low hemoglobin values evidence based laboratory medicine and test utilization
Zusatznutzen funktioneller lebensmittel
Efficiently studying organic chemistry
Aaron glimme
Electrochemistry of flotation of sulphide minerals
Effective risk communication
Electron correlation in molecules
Emerging compounds removal from wastewater
Zweihundert jahre entwicklung der theoretischen chemie im deutschsprachigen raum
Electric arc furnace with flat bath
General chemistry ii laboratory manual
Fluid dynamics of packed columns
Colm dooley
Maths support
Ellipsometry of functional organic surfaces and films
Fluid fuel reactors
Electrical phenomena at interfaces and biointerfaces
Electrochemical dictionary
Fast nmr data acquisition
Femtochemistry vii
Fluorescent organic nanoparticles
Electrochemistry of n4 macrocyclic metal complexes
Fatty acids
Flexus química aula 01
Zuckersüße chemie
Eisengruppe elemente der achten nebengruppe
Food bites
Field cycling nmr relaxometry
Brett m mccollum
Electrochemical science for a sustainable society
Layne a morsch
Elements of chemical thermodynamics
Emulsion based free radical retrograde precipitation polymerization
Introduction book moving to secondary school
Electrokinetics in microfluidics
Fluorous chemistry
Food allergens
Fraktionierte schwermetall extraktion aus acker und gartenböden
Food irradiation technologies
Free convective heat transfer
Emulsions and oil treating equipment
From biosynthesis to total synthesis
Foundations of chemical reaction network theory
Regulated systems for multiphase catalysis
Electrodialysis and water reuse
Electrochemical biosensor point of care for early detection of bone loss
Electronic structure methods for complex materials
Fluid catalytic cracking v
Electrolytes for lithium and lithium ion batteries
Fortschritte der chemie organischer naturstoffe progress in the chemistry of organic natural products vol 93
The theory of knowledge
Reibung und verschleiß eine kurze werkstoffkundliche einführung
Food analysis
Fine particles in medicine and pharmacy
Food protected designation of origin
Fiberglass and glass technology
Foam and foam films
Free radical retrograde precipitation polymerization frrpp
From molecules to materials
Fluorescence spectroscopy in biology
Fine chemicals
Book title
Freshman chemistry guide 2
Foundations of analytical chemistry
Fiesers reagents for organic synthesis volume 28
Fluorine chemistry volume iv
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy applications to chemical systems volume 4
Fluidization of fine powders
Finecat 2015 book of abstract
Aqa gcse 9 1 combined science trilogy higher workbook
Free radical synthesis and functionalization of heterocycles
Feedback control
Fit in organik
Forensic science
Fluorine in heterocyclic chemistry volume 2
Fractional diffusion equations and anomalous diffusion
Fertigungsverfahren 4
Fluorescent nanodiamonds
Fluorescent tools for imaging oxidative stress in biology
Fortran programs for chemical process design analysis and simulation
Fluorescence single molecule counting assays for high sensitivity detection of cytokines and chemokines abstracts of oak ridge posters
Fireworks and the chemistry of their colors
Fluid catalytic cracking handbook
Flow cytometry for biotechnology
Familiar letters on chemistry
Fluid transport in nanoporous materials
Lori a wetmore
Organic photochemistry
Fluorinated coatings and finishes handbook
Formen und wirkung von verlustbringenden chemischen kampfstoffen
Fast reactions in energetic materials
Fifty years of clinical chemistry three pioneering editors history
Finding the right partner
From alchemy to chemistry
Free radical telomerization
Free energy transduction and biochemical cycle kinetics
Fluorescent proteins i
Flow analysis with atomic spectrometric detectors
Food toxicants analysis
Free atoms clusters and nanoscale particles
Fire properties of polymer composite materials
Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics of turbomachinery
Music glossary
Food chemistry
Flow chemistry for the synthesis of heterocycles
Forty eight hours of biopsy culture improve the sensitivity of the in vitro gliadin challenge in the diagnosis of celiac disease technical briefs
Free radicals in biology and medicine
Finite time stability and control
Flows and chemical reactions
Food contact materials analysis
Finecat 2014
Forensic toxicology
From multiscale modeling to meso science
Falsely low urinary albumin concentrations after prolonged frozen storage of urine samples technical briefs
Friction and wear
Fiber solar cells
Filters and filtration handbook
Flow analysis
Fast spectrum reactors
Foodborne parasites
Fluorine in heterocyclic chemistry volume 1
Freshman chemistry guide 8
General chemistry ii laboratory manual
Fluorescence of supermolecules polymers and nanosystems
Forensic enforcement
Fetal dna in maternal plasma biology and diagnostic applications minireview
Food engineering integrated approaches
From polyphenylenes to nanographenes and graphene nanoribbons
Fourier acoustics
From molecular to modular tumor therapy
Fluidized bed reactors processes and operating conditions
Flavours and fragrances
Fragment based drug discovery
Fast colorimetric method for measuring urinary iodine technical briefs
Fourier transform spectrometry
Filosofía de la química
Food materials science
Fault tolerant control systems
Fertigungsverfahren 1
From research to manuscript
Flow analysis with spectrophotometric and luminometric detection
From artemisia annua l to artemisinins
Fluorine and the environment
Fischer tropsch synthesis catalysts and catalysis
Forensic chemistry handbook
Freshman chemistry guide 4
Freshman chemistry guide 3
Fit in anorganik
Femtosecond laser shaping
Elementary methods of molecular quantum mechanics
Fischer tropsch technology
Industrial process scale up
Freshman chemistry guide 7
Food physics
Fluorescent methods to study biological membranes
Fertigungsverfahren 2
Fluorescent proteins ii
Fluorinated ionomers
Flushell ?? a tool for thermal modelling and simulation of windings for large shell type power transformers
Fractal symmetry of protein interior
Fragmentation toward accurate calculations on complex molecular systems
Flow boiling in expanding microchannels
Fast pyrolysis of biomass
Food safety
The dark
Food emulsifiers and their applications
Loved by you
Formen und wirkung von störenden chemischen kampfstoffen
Foundations of organic chemistry
Lipstick and leather
Fluorine chemistry at the millennium
Fasting versus nonfasting triglycerides and the prediction of cardiovascular risk do we need to revisit the oral triglyceride tolerance test perspectives
Midnight with you
Formulating packaging and marketing of natural cosmetic products
Lingerie and lariats
Food agri culture and tourism
Femtochemistry and femtobiology
Fiber shaped energy harvesting and storage devices
Fetal nucleated erythrocytes in maternal circulation do not display a classic membrane associated apoptotic characteristic phosphatidylserine exposure despite being positive by terminal dutp nuclear end labeling technical briefs
Nanotechnology for environmental remediation
Freshman chemistry guide 9
Freshman chemistry guide 10
Food traceability and authenticity
New organocatalytic strategies for the selective synthesis of centrally and axially chiral molecules
Israel d fradejas
Fluorescence in bio inspired nanotechnology
Flavonoid pharmacokinetics
Fossil hydrocarbons
Nanotechnology in catalysis 3
Freshman chemistry guide 6
Isaí ruiz
Forensic chemistry
From chemistry to consciousness
Neural networks in qsar and drug design
Natural product extraction
New and future developments in microbial biotechnology and bioengineering
Fluid mechanics
Champagne and chaps
Freshman chemistry guide 1
Formulas ingredients and production of cosmetics
Free radical induced dna damage and its repair
Fast scanning calorimetry
Robert rountree
Wild for you
Fibrous and textile materials for composite applications
Fractal symmetry of protein exterior
Frequency of thrombophilia related genetic variations in patients with idiopathic pulmonary embolism in an urban emergency department molecular diagnostics and genetics clinical report
Network biology
Nanoporous materials for gas storage
Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems
Fluorescence studies of polymer containing systems
Neurodegenerative diseases
Nanoscience and cultural heritage
Natural products as source of molecules with therapeutic potential
New analytical approaches for verifying the origin of food
From gene to protein translation into biotechnology
Dark sorcery box set
New frontiers in organoselenium compounds
New horizons of process chemistry
Nmr of polymers
New perspectives in magnesium research
Natural gas conversion v
Nanotechnology in electrocatalysis for energy
New methods for the synthesis of certain alkaloids and terpenoids report
Amazed by you
Nanoscale technology for advanced lithium batteries
Nitrosyl complexes in inorganic chemistry biochemistry and medicine ii
New gold catalyzed reactions and applications for the synthesis of alkaloids
Nanophysics for energy efficiency
Nmr in biological systems
Freshman chemistry guide 5
New and future developments in catalysis
Neutrons in soft matter
Nanotubes and nanowires
Nmr in glycoscience and glycotechnology
Nitrogen capture
Nitrosation reactions and the chemistry of nitric oxide
Natural products and drug discovery
Free energy calculations
New perspectives on food blanching
Next generation of international chemical additives
Nanoscale fluid transport
Food analysis laboratory manual
Nanostructured energy devices
Nitrogen the confer n s
Nature s building blocks
New aspects of quantum electrodynamics
Nitric oxide
Nanotechnology applications in energy drug and food
New bioprocessing strategies development and manufacturing of recombinant antibodies and proteins
Nanotechnology for chemical engineers
Newborn screening for lysosomal storage disorders editorials
Nanotechnologies in food
Nitrenes and nitrenium ions
New horizons for diagnostic applications of circulating nucleosomes in blood editorial
New nomenclature for the human tissue kallikrein gene family technical briefs
Fragment based drug discovery and x ray crystallography
New frontiers in photochromism
New theories for chemistry
Nmr in organometallic chemistry
Nanoplasmonic sensors
Naphthalenediimide and its congeners
Naturstoffe und biochemie
New discoveries on the ? hydride elimination
Nitric oxide determinations much ado about n o sup thing editorial
Nmr spectroscopy in food analysis
Nmr from spectra to structures
Near patient test for c reactive protein in general practice assessment of clinical organizational and economic outcomes test utilization and outcomes clinical report
National academy of clinical biochemistry and ifcc committee for standardization of markers of cardiac damage laboratory medicine practice guidelines analytical issues for biochemical markers of acute coronary syndromes evidence based laboratory medicine and test utilization
Nanoparticle technology handbook
Neue kohlenstoffmaterialien
New methodologies and techniques for a sustainable organic chemistry
Silk and spurs
New and future developments in catalysis
Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion
Nanotechnologies for environmental remediation
New materials for catalytic applications enhanced edition
Nitrosyl complexes in inorganic chemistry biochemistry and medicine i
Nitrogen fixation
New smart materials via metal mediated macromolecular engineering
Nmr bioassay guided isolation of the natural 20s proteasome inhibitors from photorhabdus luminescens
National academy of clinical biochemistry laboratory medicine practice guidelines use of cardiac troponin and b type natriuretic peptide or n terminal prob type natriuretic peptide for etiologies other than acute coronary syndromes and heart failure evidence based laboratory medicine and test utilization clinical report
Nanotechnology safety
Nanotechnology in oil and gas industries
New avenues to efficient chemical synthesis
Nanotechnology for lithium ion batteries
Nanostructure physics and fabrication
Cheyenne mccray
Nmr spektren richtig ausgewertet
Chemical biotechnology and bioengineering
Nitrogenation strategy for the synthesis of n containing compounds
Science of synthesis cross coupling and heck type reactions vol 1
Capillary electrophoresis
Neuartige konjugierte polymere cyclopentadithiazol und thiazolbasierte polymere und copolymere sowie taktische polyfluorene
New carbon ??carbon coupling reactions based on decarboxylation and iron catalyzed c ??h activation
Nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy production and storage
Nobel lectures in chemistry 2006 ??2010
Nmr in physiology and biomedicine
New polymeric materials based on element blocks
Capillary electromigration separation methods
Nmr of proteins and small biomolecules
Carbon nanotube enhanced aerospace composite materials
Nanoporous catalysts for biomass conversion
Natural products analysis
Cardiac biomarkers in renal disease the fog is slowly lifting editorials
Nmr of paramagnetic molecules
New insights in medical mycology
Nanotechnologie und nanoprozesse
Catalyst components for coupling reactions
Challenges in characterizing small particles
Neem chemicals disturb the behavioral response of liriomyza huidobrensis to conspecific induced potato volatiles report
New members of the board of editors the clinical chemist
Capillary isoelectric focusing and high performance cation exchange chromatography compared for qualitative and quantitative analysis of hemoglobin variants automation and analytical techniques
Carbon nanotubes and graphene

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